Post-disaster Resources for Museums and Cultural Institutions

The following resources were generously provided by our friends at the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities with the intention of helping museums and institutions across Louisiana that were impacted by Hurricane Ida. We will update the list as more resources arise.

National Heritage Responders

Impacted cultural institutions can call the NHR hotline for advice on disaster recovery, impact assessments, collections care and salvage, and more. The hotline is 202-661-8068. 

Federal Emergency Management Agency

If your cultural organization needs assistance or advice in navigating FEMA support following a disaster, reach out to FEMA Emergency Management Specialist Lori Foley. Foley specializes in cultural heritage collections and can be reached at  

New Orleans Preservation Coalition and Alliance for Response

NOPC is part of the national Alliance for Response network and can provide helpful on-the-ground recovery support to cultural organizations in the greater New Orleans area. They can be reached at  

Emergency CAP (Collections Assessment for Preservation)

Emergency CAP funding is available for museums whose collections have been affected by recent disasters. More details on the CAP program are available here. 

Are you in need of supplies?

We have a surplus of supplies and would be happy to give you a kit including such things as wooden clothes hangers, paper towels, N-95 masks, plastic sheeting, blue tarps, foil trays, spray bottles, gloves, bibs, wax paper, and more.

To make arrangements to get a kit please contact Lauren Davis :