LAMcon 2023 Award Recipients

The Lois Wyatt Bannon “Heart and Soul” Service Award recognizes an individual who has contributed significant time and expertise in support of a Louisiana institution, or institutions, enabling the institution(s) to prosper in the local community. David and June Fitzgerald (Old State Capitol Museum) were the 2023 recipients.

The Elizabeth McLundie Bolton Award recognizes an individual outside the museum profession for extraordinary achievement in service to and outstanding support of Louisiana museums, involving long-term commitment to them and participation in statewide museum activities. Christopher Robert (LEH) was the 2023 recipient.

Sadie Roberts-Joseph Excellence in Community Outreach Award recognizes an individual or an institution in Louisiana who has demonstrated outstanding work in the area of transformative educational programming that has positively affected the community. Kendric Perkins (HNOC) was the 2023 recipient.

The Emerging Museum Professional Award recognizes professionals in the museum field with less than five years experience who have demonstrated excellence and leadership at their respective institution and within the museum profession. Jim MacPherson (Maritime Museum Louisiana)was the 2023 recipient.

Media Support Award recognizes a media professional or organization that has demonstrated special sensitivity to or support for a museum, museums, or an aspect of museum endeavor in Louisiana, creating heightened public awareness and understanding of Louisiana museums. Ken Stano, History X Channel was the 2023 recipient.

Museum of the Year Award recognizes a museum that embodies what museums are and what they do; a museum
that has demonstrated commitment to its community through outstanding, professionally conceived, and executed
programming. Historic New Orleans Collection was the 2023 recipient.