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The purpose of the Louisiana Association of Museums is to foster a robust professional museum community in the State of Louisiana that is dedicated to education, cultural and recreational opportunities for all Louisianans, researchers and visitors to the state.

LAM is dedicated to:

  • Enhancement of knowledge, skills and abilities of museums, their staffs, officers, trustees, and volunteers. 
  • Encouragement and improvement of museum practices in Louisiana. 
  • Stimulation of public interest, support and understanding of museums.
  • Interchange of ideas and cooperation amongst museums in Louisiana.  

The association was founded in 1979 and exists as a 501c3 non-profit with the Secretary of State in Louisiana. 

General Information

Whether you are an employee, volunteer, trustee, patron, or fan of any of Louisiana’s museums or historic sites, membership in LAM is an indication of your commitment to excellence in Louisiana’s museums. It’s inexpensive, and the benefits are numerous and rewarding. Join today and become involved in the Louisiana Association of Museums!

The association is run by a council and executive board made of volunteers who are nominated by the membership and elected at the annual conference.