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Our annual conference takes place this year in Natchitoches, LA from September 8 – 10.

Submit a proposal and award nominations for the conference or view information about the keynote speaker using the documents below. To view previous award winners, please click here.

Keynote Address

Speaker | Samantha Forsko

The Louisiana Association of Museums is pleased to announce this year’s LAMcon Keynote Speaker as Samantha Forsko, Preservation Specialist at the Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts. The address will detail the benefits of museums working in a cooperative disaster network to help assist in emergency planning while exploring how the Incident Command System can be applied to cultural heritage disaster response. 

In addition to her keynote, Forsko will also lead a disaster recovery and response workshop that will increase practical knowledge of hands-on salvage of a simulated disaster, allowing participants to practice salvaging a variety of materials. Personal safety, initial site assessment, object triage and tracking, and post-disaster debriefing will be addressed. 

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